How Our Society Is Collapsing

Jason Phillips
7 min readOct 25, 2020
The evil of socialism

First off, I don’t expect this article to change anyone’s mind, but I am hopeful. Especially if you were public schooled, then you have had it drilled into your head from age five that socialism is good and fair system, Marxist economics/theory is necessary for the U.S., and big government is essential. As Vladimir Lenin said:

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”

Or, in layman’s terms, “If I can teach the children for four years, they will be forever devoted to me and my cause.” And that’s true. Paradigms are powerful things, and this article will probably not change how you think of socialism if you already think it’s a great idea. You may not have an open mind on this, but I ask you to put aside your paradigms for five minutes and read this article as objectively as possible. With that out of the way…

Socialism isn’t coming, it’s already here

Socialism being:

The stage in Marxist-Leninist theory intermediate between capitalism and communism, in which the means of production are collectively owned but a completely classless society has not yet been achieved OR a authoritarian government form that is dependent on high taxes and high spending, without the citizens having any substantial rights.

If you aren’t sure what communism means, here’s a quick refresher:

A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.

To each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” — Karl Marx

In true communism, every person gathers as many resources (food) that they can, then put it all in a collective pile. Then every person takes only what he or she needs to survive. True communism has only fleetingly existed in a few hippie communities, because of the fatal flaw of communism — the people working for it and taking of it are human.

You see, pretend you’re in a truly communist society, and everyone is working hard to provide for everyone else. And you realize that if you stopped working, everyone else would still provide for you. So you do that, and no one can do anything about it. Eventually, more and more people stop working and the few remaining hard workers leave in disgust. That’s what has happened to every communist society, ever.⁰ The steps to change a capitalist society to a socialist one are as follows:

  • Demoralization. The goal is to make a country (in this case, the U.S.) amoral so they cannot recognize or believe in truth when it is presented to them. (For example, shoving violence down our throats in movies and television.)
  • Destabilization. To create conditions where the tipping points for degrading society occur. (For example, California enacting thousands of crippling laws in order to “stop climate change”.)
  • Crisis. Take advantage of destabilization situations to seize power (this is exactly what the left is doing right now during the COVID-19 pandemic).
  • Normalization. Success is achieved with the taking control of the governing power and ushering in a reset of the structure of governance. (This has not happened yet, but I think it will be soon. I hope it will not occur, but it would take a miracle at this point)

A destabilized, demoralized society (such as one we are living in right now) will seek security and relinquish rights out of fear. Fear of death, fear of foreign powers, fear of COVID-19. Without a moral underpinning, (remember demoralization?) the people will accept evil into their new, socialist government, and the people will welcome that government to feel safe. And they will feel safe until the government uses the incredible power that the people has given it to bring totalitarian compliance on the masses. Then the people will realize how stupid they were, but it will be too late.

There will be a new normal, and it will be like nothing America has ever experienced…it will require complete and total adherence and compliance. And there will be the perception of security, yet none will truly exist. Only oppression. And all the work we have taken to make a free and fair society, one where anyone by their hard labor can achieve any level of success they desire, will crumble to dust and never be seen on earth again.¹

The effect of public schools on the children — demoralization

First off, public schools teach origins. The children are taught evolution is fact. Not only is it not fact (evolution is a theory at this point, some data has backed it up and several counter-examples have been shown against it but ignored) but it is also immoral. Origins of any kind, be they evolution, creation, etc, should not be taught as fact in schools for many reasons, and I don’t have time to get into that in this article². But because the teachers teach evolution, they are inadvertently teaching nihilism. Another effect teaching evolution as fact is that, if everything evolved meaninglessly, everything therefore is meaningless. Our attitude, how we behave, our family and relationships, everything is a result of a random process that occurred millions of years ago. That is demoralization in the extreme. Obviously, public schools are demoralizing children, and not in just one way.

Destabilization and Crisis — Climate Change and COVID-19

Yes, COVID-19 and climate change may be a threat. I won’t get into that in this article. But let’s assume that the government has overblown the risk of these issues. Why would they do such a thing? To enact laws. A powerseeker loves nothing more than crisis, it allows him or her to enact brutal laws and take away people’s rights, feeding off their fear and saying it’s for their own good. Examples: lockdowns, mask mandates,³ the closing of businesses, practically every law against climate change, especially in California. All these things are feeding off your fear to take away your rights.

Normalization — turning the US into a New Russia

The first step will be more COVID-19 lockdowns and higher taxes. Then they will take away guns “to protect you”. Next freedom of religion will be destroyed. Then freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom. Slowly, all of your rights will be taken. Finally, we will be all-out slaves to the government.

Final word

And that’s socialism. No freedom of speech, no right to organize militias or bear arms, no freedom of religion. There is no room for God in a socialist government, for God is a higher power than government and that is unacceptable. Complete power over the people. Crippling taxes that make everyone except the aristocracy poor and hungry. The economy, too, will be crushed under Keynesian economics. And this will go on until there is a revolution, and then another government will step in place. We will be like Russia or China, a desolate hellhole, full of crime and hate, where no one can escape. People will starve in droves, be gunned down by the government for merely disagreeing with them, killed for entertainment of the dictator⁴. This will go on until the bloody revolution, and things won’t get better there. This is a very sobering subject to think about, and it does make a religious scholar think about when God may purge the earth of humanity for falling away from Him. The world is full of the cancerous, evil system known as socialism. Even though this statement may seem comical, I am being completely serious when I say socialism is the devil’s government.

Author’s note

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana

So is our societal collapse inevitable? I’m afraid it is, if no one will exercise their first amendment rights while we still have them. Speak out about this! Share this article! I beg of you. If no one will try to stop the evil, it has already won. I truly believe that if enough people will start resisting the corrupt socialists on the Left, then we can beat them back and maybe remake our society into something good. (I am not saying that the Right is flawless, or that their policies are perfect, only that the Left is what is driving us toward socialism. Both sides are statist, and big government is bad for everyone.) So speak out, do not be afraid. Send letters to your governor, tell everyone that you love about this problem. And be ready for the US to collapse into socialism, especially if Joe Biden wins the election. I hope that this article has reached you, and that you may join in the fight for freedom that is savagely raging today.


[0] Stray thought: the warrior clans in the Warriors books are a refined version of communism.

[1] Example: Russia

[2] For an excellent explanation of this subject, read Fallacies Of Evolution: the Case for Creationism: an authoritative refutation of the arguments for teaching only evolution in the public schools by Arlie J. Hoover

[3] See my other article:

[4] Example: the Colosseum